New Norm Dinnerware

When midsummer’s blue skies transform to the grey depths of autumn … When the dense forest tranquillity opens harmoniously on to the fresh and rolling sea … When the changing light, landscape and seasons are both an essential part of life and a source of eternal joy … Then you are in Scandinavia.

Scandinavia’s special light so magically captured and communicated by Danish painter Wilhelm Hammershøi provide the inspiration for the colour palette of New Norm Dinnerware. Materials, contours and textures are taken directly from nature’s elements in the purity, simplicity and honesty that characterises Nordic form. A diversity of colours and materials sets your creativity free and brings new life to the traditional staging of a meal. Variations of colours, surfaces and compositions tell stories about the changing seasons and seasonal ingredients: spring rhubarb, summer strawberries, autumn apples. Thus New Norm Dinnerware is also the perfect scene for local cuisine and using seasonal ingredients.

Designed by architects and designers Norm and produced by Danish designhouse Menu, New Norm Dinnerware centres around the basic white plate, which can change its look with a smaller blue or grey plate – or even a granite slab – on top. You can present food on an all white canvas or tone the surface to create a new and special atmosphere. No matter how the elements are combined, the design and materials have a natural connection.

But what is a dinnerware set without food? New Norm Dinnerware is part of a larger story – a universe that holds much more than design products. Scandinavian design has found a reflection in Nordic gastronomy, so it was natural to let the two complement each other at Copenhagen’s new Nordic restaurant, Höst.

“New Norm Dinnerware and Höst meet in a symbiotic relationship, where the dinnerware accompanies seasonal local cuisine while evoking a special atmosphere. The light-blue glazes lead thoughts to the cool evenings of Nordic summer. They combine beautifully with light summer foods and provide a contrast to the season’s colourful berries. The dark blue-grey glazes symbolise the seas around us and the dramatic cloudy skies – the elements surrounding fish and fowl. The warm brown wood tones tell of the forest’s depth, sensuality and warmth, making them a perfect companion for autumn meals. The coarse texture of the stone plate tells the story of the Nordic mountains – a scenic backdrop for herbs, root vegetables, mushrooms and wild berries,” say Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Kasper Rønn from Norm.